1. The Telecaster’s tones ring unmistakably, and so does her extraordinary voice. Anna Calvi plays "Suzanne & I" for an NME Basement Session, and as always it sounds intimate, grand, and like art. Find this on her self-titled debut, available from Domino Records.

  2. Filmed at The Eagle in Salford, Sing J. Lee has shot the video for "Shoot You", the new single from PINS, in their signature black-and-white. The chain-gang vocals soothe, while the guitars call to mind Carrie Brownstein’s. It sounds like it’s part of something. The Shoot You b/w Eleventh Hour single will be released on limited-edition, heart-shaped vinyl for Record Store Day, April 19th. Via Bazaar.

  3. A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “Crushin’”. Terror Twilight was an amazing album, too, because in between all those loose grooves anything could happen. This reminds me a little bit of that — unpredictable and exciting. Sea When Absent is the name of their next record, due out June 24th on Lefse Records.

  4. "Two of Us" is the new single from Parisian Léonie Pernet, a storm surge under a squall of guitar sounds and a roiling piano. It’s at once powerfully experimental and hypnotically inviting. Her debut EP will also be called Two of Us, out on April 28th via Kill the DJ Records.

  5. Naomi Yang of Damon & Naomi and Galaxie 500 has directed the video for "Drive", the first of many very beautiful songs on Marissa Nadler’s July LP. The film, like the song, is equal parts soil and sky. The album is out on Sacred Bones Records now.

  6. "Heart of Daisies" is a spacious new single from Melbourne’s Yuko Nishiyama, and what begins with sparse, popping rhythms ends sweetly with heart-melting strings and sun-setting melodies. There’s a charming surprise around each corner. This excellent single is available for purchase now via iTunes Australia.

  7. Lyla Foy recently released a heavenly record called Mirrors the Sky, whereupon you’ll find the slinky and meditative "Impossible", and here’s a vibrant live performance of it. The LP is available now from Sub Pop, or from an independent record store near you.

  8. The tremendous Meg Myers reminds us all of the creative power of heartache and anger with this live performance of "Desire", accompanied only by cello and guitar. It’s dangerous and beautiful, like the sky before a tornado. Her Make a Shadow EP is available now.

  9. My Little Ghost is the name of the ambitious new album from Tokyorkshire-based producer Kidkanevil, in which he unites his deep love of Japanese culture with weightless, hand-spun ambiance. "Inakunaru" features the voice of Phasma, drifting like the best-possible dream. The project looks incredible, and you can buy the limited-edition gatefold double LP on pink vinyl here, or the digital version here from Project: Mooncircle.

  10. Melbourne’s Second Hand Heart will release their debut record, entitled Tides, in May, and "Damnesia" is its new single. It sounds fully immersed in unclouded water, diving effortlessly, spiraling fluidly. This very lovely single is available now from their Bandcamp.