Songs. All we care about are songs.

If you stand directly under the dome of the Texas state capitol building and clap, only you can hear it. Here Austin’s Caitlin Kraus-Torres takes advantage of its natural acoustics to perform a version of her song "Dead Man" without any amplification. It’s a lovely way to start a long weekend. We hope you all enjoy it…

Essex-born and Berlin-based singer, composer and producer Gemma Ray has just released a new album called Milk For Your Motors, as well as a smoldering video for her enchanting single "Shake Baby Shake". It’s classic-sounding and sweepingly romantic, with an undercurrent of darkness. Her album is available now from Bronze Rat Records.

Monica Heldal is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Bergen, Norway who counts Nick Drake and Emmylou Harris as influences. Next month she will release her debut album Boy From the North in the United States, where "Scarlet" appears as a bonus track. It’s quietly complex, serene and radiant. You can pre-order the album now.

"Radiance" is the third single that She Keeps Bees have shared from their forthcoming Eight Houses LP, and it’s liquid, smoky, modernized midnight-in-Memphis Blues that leads you down a dark hallway into a room full of memories. The album will arrive at last on September 16th via Future Gods.

Underground heroes The June Brides have made fans of Morrissey, Belle and Sebastian and the Manic Street Preachers, and they are soon to release a new three-song EP called She Seems Quite Free. Guitarist Simon Beesley has written “I’m Undone”, and Phil Wilson has written two songs for it, the title track and this one, a serene breeze entitled "Being There". The EP will be released on September 1st via Slumberland in the U.S. and Occultation Records in the U.K. It sounds like it will be a joy — you can order yours here.

There are so many things to like about this, but the first thing on the list is the drums — they sound like Steve Shelley’s. Melissa Auf der Maur has recorded Honeyblood’s version of Liz Phair’s "Mesmerizing", and their take sounds seamless and natural. Their self-titled debut LP is out now, and so too is Exile in Guyville, of course.

"Golden Hair" is a song written by Syd Barrett and based upon James Joyce’s “Poem V” from Chamber Music. It’s a haunting, striking and sparse song that appeared on Barrett’s legendary album The Madcap Laughs. Modern legends Slowdive covered it on 1991’s Holding Our Breath, and here is a live performance of it, sounding just like you want it to, and gorgeous.

At once challenging and inviting, "Patience" is a stunning song from Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer Ólöf Arnalds’ new album Palme, and Máni M. Sigfússon directed its strange, supernatural and warm new video. The record will be released on September 29th/30th via One Little Indian, and pre-ordering information can be found here.

VÉRITÉ, a singer, songwriter and future supernova from New York City, has unveiled “Weekend”, her second single. It’s a breathtaking, wide-angled and swooping track, natural and massive, that builds confidently on “Strange Enough”, its equally impressive predecessor. You can download this one for free by following the above link.

Lara Meyerratken, a.k.a. El May, has just released both a new album entitled The Other Person Is You and a video for its single "Thrills", a study of abandonment in slow motion and restraint at full speed. Meanwhile the song’s shades are dark and mysterious with flashes of light, and it bounces effortlessly. You can order the album here.