Songs. All we care about are songs.

Sung with heartbreak and warmth and imaginatively recorded, "Ice Field" is the new single from Dublin’s Slow Skies. Quietly cathartic, it burns with a simple strength. The new EP will be entitled Keepsake, out at the end of this month, and her Close EP, released last year and excellent, is here.

Draped in rich, luxurious, crimson silk, “Feel It” is the brand-new single from enigmatic South-east London soul singer Only Girl. Her voice is emotive, restrained and commanding, and the song blends a love of R&B history with her own modern vision. The single is out right now on Akira Records, and you can grab it using the above link.

Hilary Woods is a musician from Dublin, Ireland, and "Flames" will appear on her forthcoming EP Night. It’s intimate, like a whisper, and as intricate as lace, balancing darkness and light as its rhythms shake the ground. The EP is due out on September 18th.

Directed by Piet Langeveld and animated by Koen Koopman, the new video for "We’re Like the Hard Born" by Amsterdam-based experimental pop artist BEA is surreal, wonderfully odd and impossible to ignore. The song, her third single, is as misty and enchanting as the visuals. Look for her debut EP to arrive on September 22nd. Via The Fader.

HAERTS, “Giving Up”. It soars without a trace of strain, effortlessly anthemic and gently moving. We had the chance to see them live recently and it sounded just this good then. The Giving Up b/w Call My Name single is out now, and their debut album is released on October 28th.

George Maple’s new EP will be called Vacant Space, and "Talk Talk" is its first single. It’s very sexy — it feels like she’s more in control than the other person and she’s moving things to the next level. The single is out now, and the EP will be released on October 3rd via Future Classic, and you can pre-order it right now.

It’s going to be a big week for Jessie Ware news —  a new video is on the way and she’s shared a new single called "Want Your Feeling", taken from her next LP Tough Love. There’s nothing wrong with anything she does. A new Jessie Ware song? Yes, it’s awesome. The album is released on October 6th in Great Britain and on October 21st in North America, and you can pre-order it here. When you do, you’ll receive this one immediately.

If you stand directly under the dome of the Texas state capitol building and clap, only you can hear it. Here Austin’s Caitlin Kraus-Torres takes advantage of its natural acoustics to perform a version of her song "Dead Man" without any amplification. It’s a lovely way to start a long weekend. We hope you all enjoy it…

Essex-born and Berlin-based singer, composer and producer Gemma Ray has just released a new album called Milk For Your Motors, as well as a smoldering video for her enchanting single "Shake Baby Shake". It’s classic-sounding and sweepingly romantic, with an undercurrent of darkness. Her album is available now from Bronze Rat Records.

Monica Heldal is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Bergen, Norway who counts Nick Drake and Emmylou Harris as influences. Next month she will release her debut album Boy From the North in the United States, where "Scarlet" appears as a bonus track. It’s quietly complex, serene and radiant. You can pre-order the album now.