1. Stumbleine and Violet Skies continue their fruitful partnership with the release of "We’re Shadows", and Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has directed its serene video. Water is the perfect medium for such a fluid track — it moves with no resistance. Their Dissolver album is available now from Monotreme Records.

  2. Produced by sonic wizard SOHN, smartly written and hypnotically sung, "Phoenix" is the furtively-seismic new single from Bath, England’s Laura Doggett. It’s delivered like a secret, but it won’t be one for long. The single is available for streaming now, and lots of people will be waiting for another one. Via Portadelphia.

  3. Illuminated by dusk’s dying light, glowing electronic embers and warm and purposeful singing, "Lifespan" is the incandescent new single from London’s Vaults. You could sit and watch it flicker, casting shadows, all night. Their Premonitions single is out now, and you’ll be able to buy this one from September 1st.

  4. Post-apocalyptic pop with a beating heart and rushing blood, "Digits" is the sleek and multi-layered new single from London-based producer GEoRGiA. She’s created a safe place amidst the chaos. Come In is the name of her debut EP, available from July 21st on Kaya Kaya Records. Via The Fader.

  5. "Like Certainty" moves with restrained momentum. Sounds collide and roll to a stop, then others glide effortlessly past. It’s a statement of physics as well as music, and it’s the spellbinding new single from Christina Dennaoui’s Volutes, an electronic symphony that’s never the same river twice. You can download this now via Bandcamp, and her new LP The Quiet Hours will arrive in 2015, not a moment too soon. 

  6. Ascending heartbreak powerfully sung, "Graveyard" is a new track from Melbourne-based Tanya Batt, and it’s reassuring to watch it dance in and out of the highest clouds. Last year she released her Atlas EP, and you can buy that here. Be sure to listen to even more of her music via her Soundcloud.

  7. My Gold Mask have released a great new track called "Dissipate" which sits confidently at the boundary between dizzying rock and roll energy and outright chaos. At its heart it’s pop music, though — the kind lots of people will like. Grab it now using the link above.

  8. MAASAI are a duo from Stockholm, Sweden, and "Forgive Me" is their gentle new single. It’s quietly lush, a serene balance of sun and clouds, atmosphere and emotion. You can stream the single now on Spotify, or buy it via iTunes.

  9. "Future Husbands Past Lives" is the new single from Morgan Kibbey’s White Sea, an unstoppable, white-capped and breathtaking torrent that flows with the natural force of the history of pop music. Feel the spray as the melodies rush past. Her new album is called In Cold Blood, due out on May 19th.

  10. "Breathe Out" is the second track that Brisbane’s Autumn have released, a quietly-lush and sable song that twinkles covertly with subdued drama. You can download their debut track “Ghost” here, and they’ve promised to release a Ghost b/w Breathe Out single soon.