1. The Moon Rang Like a Bell is the name of the forthcoming LP from Gainsville, Florida’s Hundred Waters, and it promises to shine like a memorable lunar event. "Xtalk" is the third song they’ve revealed from it, and it reverberates and shimmers, very soulfully. Find it from May 27th on OWSLA.

  2. "The Way I Feel" is a new single from the enigmatic Doss, a calming and reassuring invitation into her crystal-blue world. The atmosphere is thin, so euphoria arrives quickly. You can download this using the above link, and a self-titled EP is due out on April 29th on Acéphale. You can order yours here.

  3. Simone Macarounas, a.k.a. Little Fox, makes music in Sydney, and her song "Anniversary" is carried along by a very loose and easygoing beat that calls to mind Air, and the melodies look beautifully mysterious through the haze. The video, directed by Marco Velasco, was filmed at her great-grandmother’s house, and premiered at The AU Review. Her Warrior EP is out now.

  4. British producer Stumbleine and singer and songwriter Violet Skies recently made an EP together called Chasing Honeybees, and it went so well that now they’ve written an entire album, Dissolver. From that this is "Whirlpool", a placid and refreshing shower of modern and alluring soul music. The album will be released by Monotreme Records on April 21st on all formats, and you can order your copy here.

  5. Blooms is London-based Louise Cunnane, and the sound of her spacious, woozy and supernatural new single "Lust" was crafted by Wexford-based producer Sacred Animals. It’s a dark and fevered track, and quietly obsessive, like all really good soul music. Her If EP is due out near the end of April.

  6. Brooklyn’s late-night future-soul chanteuse Tei Shi lends her chiaroscuro vocals to "Holiest", a new single from Oxford’s Glass Animals. It billows, swirls and then dissipates into the darkness like a mysterious creature you know you’ll never set eyes on. Their Gooey EP will be released on April 7th, and Zaba, their full-length debut, will follow on June 10th care of Harvest Records. Via Vogue.

  7. X priest X are a duo from Orlando, Florida made up of Madeline Priest and David Kazyk, and ”Isn’t It So” is the next evanescent Gulf breeze that we’ve heard from their new EP. It feels warm and gentle on your face. The Samurai EP will arrive care of Stockholm, Sweden’s Emotion on April 15th.

  8. Former Keep Shelly in Athens singer Sarah P has quickly resurfaced with a new band, Fina Fisken, and a new song, "Save the Day". Produced by Hior Chronik, it sounds like a late-night drive on a deserted, misty stretch of Autobahn, building momentum and offering freedom. Via TLOBF.

  9. Holly Walker is a classically-trained pianist from London who fuses genres with effortless grace and fluid creativity. Her new track is called "Now That I Am Nothing", a dazzling potion made of soul, blues, rock and roll and blue smoke. In spite of its many ingredients, it’s always just one thing, casting quite a spell. Listen to this and a great deal more of her music at her Soundcloud.

  10. It pulses hypnotically while gliding effortlessly in a cloudless and azure sky. "Lullaby" is a new track from the enigmatic Luha, and it sounds like an afternoon alone with the one you love, spent where no one can find you. Best of all, it makes you want to hear more. Via Heather Magazine.