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George Maple’s new EP will be called Vacant Space, and "Talk Talk" is its first single. It’s very sexy — it feels like she’s more in control than the other person and she’s moving things to the next level. The single is out now, and the EP will be released on October 3rd via Future Classic, and you can pre-order it right now.

VÉRITÉ, a singer, songwriter and future supernova from New York City, has unveiled “Weekend”, her second single. It’s a breathtaking, wide-angled and swooping track, natural and massive, that builds confidently on “Strange Enough”, its equally impressive predecessor. You can download this one for free by following the above link.

"Princess Hervor" is a new single from the elusive Merely, a slowly drifting anthem that billows and reforms between the sea and the sky. It takes to heart both the experimental and the pop. NIRVANA, the forthcoming LP, is available to pre-order from Sincerely Yours now, where you can find a copy on neon orange vinyl if you wish.

TAIGA will be the name of Zola Jesus’ next album, and she’s shared a panoramic and picturesque new video for its infectious "Dangerous Days" single, directed by Tim Saccenti. The album is released into the world on October 6th/7th, and you can place your pre-orders now, including ones for the limited-edition marbled vinyl.

Although it’s already out in Australia and New Zealand, Broods’ debut album Evergreen does not arrive in the U.S. until October 7th. "Four Walls" is another softly soaring track from them, yet another reason that anticipation for it has gone from a simmer to a roiling boil. In the meantime you can pre-order the album and see them in person on their U.S. tour.

Modern soul singer Laura Welsh and producer and singer Ang Low have teamed up for a track called "Lifeline". It’s both gentle and deeply-rooted, a fashion-forward and touching duet that showcases the best in each of them. There’s no information about where this partnership is bound, but what a beginning.

"Your Design" is the new single from Portland, Oregon’s Grace Mitchell, a pulse-quickening jolt that sounds like the crisp air behind a cold front, bracing, and promising something different and more. You can stream this, as well as her previous single “Broken Over You” at her Soundcloud as you remain on the lookout for more from her.

(Source: perfectmidnightworld / GraceMitchell)

Sarah Jaffe, “Lover Girl”. This is the first single from Ms. Jaffe’s sparklingly-new Don’t Disconnect LP, recorded by Midlake’s McKenzie Smith and smoldering beneath a molten surface. And like an echo it’s elusive and haunting, begging you to listen again. The album is out right now on Kirtland Records.

Gramercy Arms is a collaborative musical project based in New York City and led by songwriter and producer Dave Derby. Their most recent album, The Seasons of Love, features contributions from Tanya Donelly, Erin Moran and members of Sparklehorse, Magnetic Fields, Guided By Voices and Elk City to name only some. "Beautiful Disguise" is a softly sweeping and stylish duet between Lloyd Cole and Joan Wasser of Joan as Police Woman, who also star in the beautifully-made film. The album is out now.

"Oopsie Daisy" is the final chapter in a very endearing trilogy of recent videos from Whinnie Williams — you can watch the other two here — that chronicle her journey from the English seaside to Paris, accompanied by her companion Brian. It sounds like Springtime sun. Her Bad Girl EP will arrive on October 6th from Night Beach Records, and it’s available to pre-order now.