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Written with Charli XCX and Icona Pop collaborator Fredrik Berger, "Words" is the breathtaking new single from Stockholm, Sweden’s Asha Ali, the second from her forthcoming LP Loud and Out of Place. This is so strong, so muscular, and as graceful and controlled as a ballet. The single is out now, and the album arrives this November care of Hybris Records.

We should all dream that the The End, when it inevitably arrives, sounds like this — silky, soulful and sophisticated, or that it looks like this — beautifully lit and well-styled. SAFIA are a trio from the Australian Capital Territory, and their new single "You Are the One" is a joy, and out now. Be sure to see them as they, having just finished one with someone named Lorde, begin an Australian tour.

Co-written with the stylish and talented Jess Mills, "Alchemy" is the dizzying, futuristic and very well-named new single from London’s TĀLĀ, and it sounds like a glorious, inclusive and better future. The new EP is called Alchemy as well, and it will be released on November 17th via Aesop. You can order one for yourself here.

Born in Umeå, a fishing town in the north of Sweden and now based in Stockholm, Cajsa Siik has unveiled an electrifying new single called "Higher". It’s bursting with ideas, but they’re edited with confidence and control, while rhythms and melodies climb and twist like ivy. The single will be released on September 22nd, and her Contra LP will follow on November 3rd.

Castellón, Spain’s Lia Pamina has shared a colorful and beautifully-framed new video for her single "How Come I", which was directed by El Laboratorio de Band À Part. It feels natural and sunlit, highlighting the song’s golden and tastefully-synthesized hues. You can order the single from Elefant Records right now.

"Hologram" is a visionary new single from Lydia Ainsworth on which she takes you into the thin air and offers you a crystalline vision of everything that surrounds you. Once you catch your breath the view is stunning. Right From Real is the name of her forthcoming album, out via Arbutus Records from September 30th.

Tove Lo’s Queen of the Clouds LP is on its way, and she’s shared a song from its Chapter Two, the confessional, honest and direct anthem-to-be "Moments". What’s wonderful is that we’ve all thought it, even said it, but it never sounded this effortless. The album is scheduled for release on September 30th, and the deluxe edition is available for pre-order here, where you can also download each of her recent singles. Via Vogue.

Packed to bursting with ideas and articulated with a cosmopolitan ease, "In the House of Yes" is the innovative and irresistible new single from Long Island, New York’s Mr Twin Sister. Lit by neon signs and street lights, it’s a hip-swinging late-night walk back home. A self-titled LP is due out on September 23rd, and available for pre-ordering now.

Megan Washington, “My Heart Is a Wheel”. No, not as in “when you bend it you can’t mend it” — this one’s steel belted, low profile and built for speed. Watch the leaves swirl as it vanishes into the middle distance. There There is the name of her next album, arriving on September 12th and available for pre-ordering now.

The edges of each swatch are frayed, but when they’re stitched together it’s seamless, moving with finesse. "Castigadas en el granero" is the very smart new single from Madrid’s DEERS, their first as a four-piece, not their last to dazzle. This will appear on the Barn 7”, released by Lucky Number / Mom + Pop on November 3rd.