1. Sylvan Esso, a duo from Durham, North Carolina, have shot like a meteor across independent music’s skies on the strength of their stunning “Coffee” single, and their next single is called "Play it Right". This version, filmed for Sofar Sounds London, is euphoric, and seems likely to repeat the success of its predecessor. Their self-titled debut LP is due out May 13th via Partisan Records, and you can order it now.  

  2. Lucy Taylor’s Pawws produced The Autumn Roses’ number one song of last year, “Time to Say Goodbye”, and her new single "Sugar" is another treasure. It sparkles, as melodies’ reflections shoot across the walls and ceiling. This will appear on her Sugar EP, out from June 16th on Best Fit Recordings.

  3. Camden Cox’s voice sounds like it emanates from an evanescent disco ghost, and "Kinda Like", her new track, emerges from behind the dry ice, only to slide past you on its way to the dancefloor. The single is out now, and the Kinda Like EP will be released on April 27th on Little Boots’ On Repeat Records.

  4. Jessie Frye is a singer and songwriter from Denton, Texas, and her music is darkly-lacquered, meticulously-styled and disarmingly accomplished. "Never Been to Paris" is a beautifully-written and sung starting point, winding mysteriously and magically through the pines. Ms. Frye self-released her Obsidian LP earlier this year, and you can find that, and more of her music, here.

  5. "Two of Us" is the new single from Parisian Léonie Pernet, a storm surge under a squall of guitar sounds and a roiling piano. It’s at once powerfully experimental and hypnotically inviting. Her debut EP will also be called Two of Us, out on April 28th via Kill the DJ Records.

  6. "Heart of Daisies" is a spacious new single from Melbourne’s Yuko Nishiyama, and what begins with sparse, popping rhythms ends sweetly with heart-melting strings and sun-setting melodies. There’s a charming surprise around each corner. This excellent single is available for purchase now via iTunes Australia.

  7. Melbourne’s Second Hand Heart will release their debut record, entitled Tides, in May, and "Damnesia" is its new single. It sounds fully immersed in unclouded water, diving effortlessly, spiraling fluidly. This very lovely single is available now from their Bandcamp.

  8. L.A.’s DWNTWN have shared another song from their forthcoming, self-titled EP, and it’s the soft and melancholy "Missing You". People leave your life, and there’s nothing you can do about it but remember them. This is a beautiful way to do that. You can download it above, and the EP will arrive on April 29th.

  9. Lana Del Rey, “West Coast”. A new single, a Mad Men premiere…we’re all always looking for a new frontier. The single is out now.

  10. Kairos is the solo project of Seattle’s Lena Simon, and "Can/Cannot" is the first single from her forthcoming self-titled EP. A sunset drive with the windows down, it’s warm, serene, and a much-needed escape. You can download this track now, and the Kairos EP is due out on May 20th from Fin Records. Via Heather Magazine.