1. Featuring contributions from members of Warpaint and Roxy Music, "Limitless" is a streamlined and intoxicating new single from Australian singer and songwriter Megan Washington. It’s produced exquisitely, and it sounds as natural as rushing blood. Her new album will be entitled There There, and it’s due out on September 12th. Via The Line of Best Fit.

  2. "Secret" is a sizzling new single from Los Angeles-based Chelsea Lankes, which sounds destined for huge speakers and lots of playlists. It will also provide you with a heartwarming memory of this quickly-vanishing Summer. You can download this for free via the above link.

  3. The track glides without resistance and the clip, directed by Alice Glenn, tells its story with restrained and non-literal sincerity. "Got It" is the most-recent single from Melbourne’s Martha Brown, a.k.a. Banoffee, and it’s taken from her new 5-track EP, available from August 22nd care of Two Bright Lakes and Remote Control Records.

  4. Lindsay Powell has styled the new video for "REIGN" from her Fielded project with boundless creativity and imagination, and director Gabrielle Muller’s images are innovative and original. It provides the ideal backdrop for Ms. Powell’s visionary pop. Her Universally Handsome EP is due out on July 29th, and you can find a good deal more by visiting her Bandcamp.

  5. Melbourne’s Jane Tyrrell is in the process of recording her debut album, and the excellent "Wild Waters" will be one of it’s tracks. What begins as a tranquil, moonlit sail turns stormy, and the drama is always controlled and understated. The song is available to download via iTunes Australia, and be on the lookout for her album when it’s released by Elefant Traks.

  6. Banks, “Beggin For Thread”. Each new track she unleashes sounds impressive — like an explosion or a statement of intent, and this one is no exception. You can download or stream this from July 22nd, and content yourself with listening to all her previous singles until Goddess, her debut LP, arrives on September 9th.

  7. Surely you’ll remember Electric Youth’s iconic track “A Real Hero” from Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, and now the Toronto-based duo have announced the release of their debut album Innerworld and shared "Runaway" a sun-dappled and golden-hued single. It’s gorgeous, and if you pre-order the record you’ll receive it and two other tracks immediately. The album arrives on September 30th. Via The Fader.

  8. Röyksopp & Robyn, “Do It Again”. It’s a tremendous partnership that has resulted in stunningly assured, fashionable and original pop music that sounds historic in scope. The present video, directed by Martin de Thurah, is suitably spectacular. Their Do It Again mini album is out now.

  9. The delightful charm of Erlend Øye will soon re-emerge, as he’s announced the release of another solo LP, which will be entitled Legao. He’s shared a video for that album’s sleek and Continental pop song "Garota", which was filmed stunningly in Seoul, South Korea by Michael Beech. Scheduled to be released on October 3rd, you can pre-order yours now from Bubbles Records.

  10. Monica Salazar and Jared Olmsted are Brooklyn’s unpredictable and dazzlingly-creative Courtship Ritual, and they’ll be releasing their debut LP Pith on July 22nd. Its lead track is "Yellow Spiders", in which ideas explode within a sparse rhythmic structure. The video, meanwhile is incredible. You can stream the album from Godmode Music now.