1. With its criss-crossing melodies, woozy production and impressively-filmed and gorgeously-styled video, "Strange Attraction", the new single from Toronto’s DIANA, inserts itself into your subconscious, assertively. It can happily stay. Their Perpetual Surrender LP is out now on Paper Bag Records. Via Stereogum.

  2. "Sweet Malaise" will be the b-side to Ed Harcourt’s next single, which will be “In My Time of Dust”. It features the voice of Salford’s Ren Harvieu, whom we absolutely love. It’s a classic duet — romantic, gentle and very, very classy. The single arrives on May 19th.  

  3. Sophie Ellis-Bextor wrote her new album Wanderlust with the wonderful Ed Harcourt, and here they perform a crystal-clear version of "Birth of an Empire" together for SBTV. The LP is out now, and be sure to listen to Mr. Harcourt’s music as well, including his Here Be Monsters LP, which we bought on our honeymoon.

  4. Diane Sagnier, a.k.a. Camp Claude has released "Trap", her sleek and very cool-sounding new single, and here she plays an acoustic version of it which brings out the shades, and heat, in her voice. Be sure to stream the original, all slinky New Wave, here. We’ll surely be on the lookout for more of this…

  5. What begins as a strange and dark drama quickly brightens into something light, inspirational and ultimately very sweet. Duncan Winecoff has directed a compassionate video for Oh Land’s lovely new single "Cherry On Top", and the sound and vision were made for each other. Wish Bone is her most-recent album, out now.

  6. Sylvan Esso, a duo from Durham, North Carolina, have shot like a meteor across independent music’s skies on the strength of their stunning “Coffee” single, and their next single is called "Play it Right". This version, filmed for Sofar Sounds London, is euphoric, and seems likely to repeat the success of its predecessor. Their self-titled debut LP is due out May 13th via Partisan Records, and you can order it now.  

  7. Lucy Taylor’s Pawws produced The Autumn Roses’ number one song of last year, “Time to Say Goodbye”, and her new single "Sugar" is another treasure. It sparkles, as melodies’ reflections shoot across the walls and ceiling. This will appear on her Sugar EP, out from June 16th on Best Fit Recordings.

  8. Camden Cox’s voice sounds like it emanates from an evanescent disco ghost, and "Kinda Like", her new track, emerges from behind the dry ice, only to slide past you on its way to the dancefloor. The single is out now, and the Kinda Like EP will be released on April 27th on Little Boots’ On Repeat Records.

  9. Jessie Frye is a singer and songwriter from Denton, Texas, and her music is darkly-lacquered, meticulously-styled and disarmingly accomplished. "Never Been to Paris" is a beautifully-written and sung starting point, winding mysteriously and magically through the pines. Ms. Frye self-released her Obsidian LP earlier this year, and you can find that, and more of her music, here.

  10. "Two of Us" is the new single from Parisian Léonie Pernet, a storm surge under a squall of guitar sounds and a roiling piano. It’s at once powerfully experimental and hypnotically inviting. Her debut EP will also be called Two of Us, out on April 28th via Kill the DJ Records.